Villaintober Mayhem 2015


The first Villaintober Mayhem is over now and the champion decided! Many wonderful people helped decide who was the most evil, scariest, funniest, etc. Disney Villain on the bracket and with their votes helped decide who the victor would be!

Here is how Villaintober Mayhem works: 64 characters slotted into 4 categories titled Phantom ManorTower of TerrorHaunted Mansion, and Mystic Manor. Each character has one opponent, and the winning character of that round moves on to face a new contestant. The last character standing is the victor. The 2015 champion, decided by many Disney fans of all ages and backgrounds, is…

Scar from The Lion King!



2015 Line-up:

Auto, Barbossa, Big Bad Wolf, Captain Gantu, Captain Hook, Charles F. Muntz, Chernabog, Cheshire Cat, Clayton, Cruella de Vil, Davy Jones, Diablo, Doctor Facilier, Doris, Drizella & Anastasia, Flotsam & Jetsam, Gaston, Hades, Hans, Henry J. Waternoose, Hopper, Horned King, Iago, Jafar, John Silver, Judge Frollo, Kaa, King Candy, Lady Tremaine, LeFou, Lotso, Lucifer, Madam Mim, Madame Medusa, Maleficent, Mother Gothel, Mr. Smee, Oogie Boogie, Pain & Panic, Pete, Prince John, Queen Narissa, Queen of Hearts, Randall Boggs, Ratcliffe, Ratigan, Sabor, Scar, Shan Yu, Shenzi, Banzai, & Ed, Shere Khan, Sheriff of Nottingham, Si & Am, Stinky Pete, Stromboli, Syndrome, The Backson, The Evil Queen, The Stabbington Brothers, The White Witch, Ursula, Yokai, Yzma, Zurg

(To view contestants’ pages click here.)

Thank you to everyone who participated and made October 2015 purely evil… and magical, of course!