Disney March Madness 2017

The fourth annual March Madness has come and gone with a new victor decided. A fourth champion also has joined Queen Elsa, Stitch, and Rapunzel on the Wall of Champions.

Here is how March Madness works: 64 characters slotted into 4 categories titled Magic KingdomAnimal KingdomEPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. Each character has one opponent, and the winning character of that round moves on to face a new enemy. The last character standing is the victor and is the 2017 champion! In the end, the 2017 champion decided by the many fans who participated, was Flynn Rider!


For those of you who participated, thank you so much and I hope you return again! Remember, every one of you has the ability to spread joy and happiness in your own world like I hope I managed to do for you. Have a magical day!