Disney March Madness 2016 – Round 3



Zootopia welcomes you to the Sweet Sixteen and the third round of March Madness 2016! This means that only sixteen contestants from each kingdom are left standing in Round 3 for you to decide who makes it into the next round–the Elite Eight! Last round was a very interesting round with some people making it that I didn’t think would, while other characters that I never would’ve expected just barely made it in. It will be really interesting to see who makes it into the next round! Without further ado, continue below to vote in the polls!

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The Kingdom of the Classic Disney Films, Magic Kingdom, had many of the most famous Disney characters of all time pitted against each other in tough to choose matches. Probably one of the hardest was choosing between the popular Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear, but at the end of the round we must remember that it was all started by a mouse. Meanwhile, the jealous fairy Tinker Bell zoomed into the next round, leaving Goofy in the dust. Robin Hood versus Peter Pan, which ended up being one of the hardest of the polls for most of the voters, went to the everlasting youth, while Mowgli barely managed to scare Bambi with his secrets of fire. Vote for the winning contestants below to see who will make it to the next round!




Next, in the Animal Kingdom, Belle and Simba both managed to defeat the popular sidekick characters Timon & Pumbaa and Mushu and will face each other next. Meanwhile, Mulan must be doing something right, because she beat The Beast and will probably make it to the Elite Eight as she did last year. Lastly, and most unexpectedly if I do say so myself, the reluctant lover, Megara, managed to defeat Sebastian and will face the popular Chinese warrior! Vote below to see who will make it into the Elite Eight!




The pop culture icons and newcomers to the Disney world have been battling it out in EPCOT with some very interesting results! Wreck-it Ralph (for his first time ever!) has made it into Round 3 after narrowly escaping from newcomer Judy Hopps and will be facing Flynn Rider who, with his wit and charm, defeated the lovable robot Baymax. I guess he was satisfied with his care. Kuzco defeated Bolt, but seriously, who didn’t see that coming? He’s the best emperor ever, right? Finally, following up her lover, Rapunzel defeated Hiro Hamada. Tangled power is definitely showing this game. Vote below for your favorites!




Last but not least, Hollywood Studios, with its plethora of lovable Pixar characters, had some unexpected turns. Dory managed to defeat the superhero team, The Incredibles. She still hasn’t realized that this isn’t the first round anymore. In one of the hardest polls, Sulley defeated his lifetime pal, Mike Wazowski. Meanwhile, The Emotions from last year’s popular Inside Out defeated yet another opponent, this time the romantic robot WALL•E. In the last poll of the game, Remy just barely snuck past Boo and into the next round. Who will you vote for in this round? Decide below!



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Roster of Contestants

Disney-March-Madness-2016–Round-1March is here at last! Soon enough March Madness will be open and ready for voting, but there is still some time to go before that happens, so in the meantime the characters will be revealed on this post. Check back as more characters are added!


Mowgli, Sebastian, Judy Hopps, Boo, Goofy, Timon & Pumbaa, Bolt, Nemo, Wilbur Robinson, Arlo & Spot, Bambi, Jane Porter, Nick Wilde, Dug, Robin Hood, and Hercules. 


Snow White, Olaf, Aladdin, Sulley, Pooh Bear, Tiana, Megara, The Incredibles, Mushu, Lightning McQueen, Donald Duck, Vanellope, Ariel, Jessie, Dumbo, and Lilo. 


Baloo, Kuzco, Pocahontas, Woody, Minnie Mouse, Hiro, Tarzan, Remy, The Beast, Dory, Tinker Bell, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Merida, Aurora, and Wreck-it Ralph.


Cinderella, Pluto, Simba, Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Anna, Mulan, Mike Wazowski, Genie, WALL•E, Peter Pan, Baymax, Belle, The Emotions, Tigger, and Flynn Rider.

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