Disney March Madness 2017 – Champion

Sorry for the delay, but at last the Champion of Disney March Madness 2017 is officially announced! 64 contestants entered this year’s March Madness, but only one could be the victor. The Championship pitted Tangled’s Flynn Rider against Beauty and the Beast’s Belle in the final round! After several days of tight competition, one of them managed to pull ahead before the clock struck midnight.


This contestant is…


…don’t worry, I got his nose right…


Flynn Rider from the Animal Kingdom section!

Flynn Rider (aka Eugene) joins Queen Elsa, Stitch, and Rapunzel as the fourth winner of the annual Disney March Madness!

Looks like he will be joining his wife on the Wall of Champions where they can dance and be the cutest couple forevermore.

Thank you everyone for voting this year! I hope you enjoyed yourself and will return to vote again next March. Please sign up for the mailing list if you have not already so as to be reminded when that day comes. Have a magical day!

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