Disney March Madness 2017 – Round 4

Round 3 is now gone and Round 4 is here! The Elite Eight have been chosen and must now battle to find who will represent their respective sections in the Semi-Finals? Now it is time to begin once again to determine who should move into Round 5 and who should be left behind. Also, if you’d like to be part of the action please comment on the characters you’re hoping for in the comments section below. Again, please share with friends as I personally believe it makes the experience more fun to talk about it with friends! Thank you and enjoy voting below!

Above is the bracket defining who is facing who and where they sit in their respective group. Click to get a closer look!

(Small note: You will only be able to vote once per day, so return daily to track the progress of the characters and cast your votes! Voting will close on March 23rd.)



The final two members of Magic Kingdom have been decided: Hiro Hamada and Flynn Rider! Now you must decide between the genius, dramatic boy inventor and the smooth, clever thief for who will represent Magic Kingdom in the Final Four.



The final two members of Animal Kingdom have been decided: Moana and Robin Hood! Now you must decide between the adventurous island girl and the clever, skilled fox for who will represent Animal Kingdom in the Final Four.



The final two members of EPCOT have been decided: Aladdin and Simba! Now you must decide between the exciting, daring prince-in-disguise and the mighty King of the Pride Lands for who will represent EPCOT in the Final Four.



The final two members of Hollywood Studios have been decided: Belle and Mushu! Now you must decide between the book-smart, wanderlust girl and the hilarious, witty guardian dragon for who will represent Hollywood Studios in the Final Four.


Thank you for taking your time to vote! I hope you enjoyed yourself and will return to vote again very soon. Please sign up for the mailing list if you have not already so as to be notified of any updates. Have a magical day!

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