Disney March Madness 2016 – CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND


Zootopia welcomes you to the last and final round of Disney March Madness 2016! The Championship Round is here with only two contestants remaining: the lion king Simba and the lost princess Rapunzel! Both are the protagonists to very popular Disney movies and considered some of the best Disney characters of all time, so the outcome of this round will be very interesting! Vote below for who you think should be the 2016 Champion and join Queen Elsa and Stitch!

Also, this round will stay open until April 7th, so return every day until then to vote for your favorite contestant! Every vote counts and could just make he or she the victor! Enjoy and may the best character win!




Also, if you have not joined the mailing list before, do so below to keep up with the Championship Round and other details! If you have already filled in your information before, you do not need to do so again. Thank you for voting and come back tomorrow to vote again!

Wanna be notified with results?  Fill in the information below:


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