So the 2016 March Madness has come and go with an awesome amount of support over the 64 characters who went in this year (if you haven’t seen yet, you can see who the champion is in the last post). Of course this leads me to the next question: what’s next?

As I thought about it, I really only could go in two directions: Star Wars or Marvel. Both are owned by Disney now and have a vast array of characters who would be perfect for a Disney elimination type game. But which should I do?

Why not both?

In the late summer of 2016, Star Wars and Marvel characters will battle to find which is the winner of the year: Star Wars or Marvel?


If this excites you, you can help with the seeding process and character choices by ranking the characters in this survey.

Answer as many of the questions as you can and try your best with the ones with characters you don’t know! Here is the official logo for you to admire:



I hope you are as excited as I am about this! More information will be coming soon! Also, if you aren’t yet, sign up for the mailing list below to get updates on Star Wars vs Marvel Showdown and more!


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Disney March Madness – 2016 CHAMPION


The Championship round is officially over and the winner is revealed! Before we find out who it is, I’d like to thank you all for participating and I hope you enjoyed finding the 2016 Disney March Madness Champion! I think the winner is definitely worthy of joining the ranks of Queen Elsa and Stitch as the third champion! There were so many good characters this year, but in the end there can only be one winner and she is…


One of the newest to join the ranks of Disney princesses, Rapunzel was quickly accepted into their ranks for her spunk and pleasant character. She is caring, but also brave. She even beat her lover, Flynn Rider, to get the win and defeated many high rated characters from the last two years. All this to say that she definitely is a fan favorite and deserves this honor.

Again, thank you all so much for joining us in this year’s Disney March Madness. Also, I have a special announcement coming tomorrow about Invasion of Disney and these Disney elimination games, so if you have not joined the mailing list before, do so below to keep up with the details! Have a magical day!

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Disney March Madness 2016 – CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND


Zootopia welcomes you to the last and final round of Disney March Madness 2016! The Championship Round is here with only two contestants remaining: the lion king Simba and the lost princess Rapunzel! Both are the protagonists to very popular Disney movies and considered some of the best Disney characters of all time, so the outcome of this round will be very interesting! Vote below for who you think should be the 2016 Champion and join Queen Elsa and Stitch!

Also, this round will stay open until April 7th, so return every day until then to vote for your favorite contestant! Every vote counts and could just make he or she the victor! Enjoy and may the best character win!




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