Disney March Madness 2016 – Final Four


Zootopia, a city run and inhabited by its vast numbers of human-like animals, welcomes you once again to the Semi-Finals of Disney March Madness 2016! Four contestants have made it this far, but they must now face each other to find out who will make it into the last and final round – The Championship. Mowgli, Simba, Rapunzel, and The Emotions have all made it a far way, but only two will come out of these four contestants for a chance to become the 2016 Champion. Vote below for who you think that should be! Also, continue on below for some goodies of the four contestants to show some March Madness spirit!



The Kingdom of the Classics, Magic Kingdom, must now face off against the Kingdom of the Renaissance, Animal Kingdom, with only one having a chance at making it to the Championship. Mowgli, definitely the “Cinderella Story” this year, has made it so far, but will he be able to beat the lion king Simba himself? You must decide below!



The Kingdom of the Revival, EPCOT, will be facing off against the Kingdom of Pixar, Hollywood Studios, for a chance at facing the other winning kingdom. Once again making it into the Final Four, Rapunzel must defeat 2015’s highly popular Emotions in hopes of making it into the Championship. Both have a good chance at victory, but only you can decide who will make it!



Screen-Shot-2016-03-29-at-11.17.11-PM Screen-Shot-2016-03-29-at-11.16.51-PM


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