Disney March Madness 2016 – Elite Eight


Hello, and welcome to Zootopia. Round 4 is now open for voting and the entire animal city is so excited to be hosting another Round! This round is especially exciting as it is not only the Elite Eight, but whoever wins will become the representative of their kingdom for the Final Four. Vote below for whoever you think will represent your favorite kingdom best and make it to the Championship Round. Thank you for coming and enjoy!



In Magic Kingdom the fights have been very interesting because they have been amongst the Disney Classic characters: the Disney Greats. Apparently some people remember that it still started by a mouse, because Mickey Mouse has been have enormous success in the polls and defeated Tinker Bell. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone saw the mancub, Mowgli, defeating the everlasting youth of Neverland, Peter Pan. Now you must decide between these two and who should represent Magic Kingdom.



Animal Kingdom, home of the Disney Renaissance, also has had some unexpected turns. The Lion King himself, Simba, defeated Belle and will now face the Chinese warrior, the highly popular Mulan and champion over Megara, in this round. You must now decide between the two of them for who you think will best represent Animal Kingdom in the Final Four.



Moving along now, the outcome of EPCOT and its pop culture Disney characters was pretty obvious. The highly popular Disney film Tangled has once again brought its champion couple to the Elite Eight, but this time they must face each other! Between Flynn Rider (who defeated Wreck-it Ralph) or Rapunzel (who defeated Kuzco), who do you think is most worthy to move into the Final Four and represent EPCOT for the victory!



Last, but definitely not least, we have Hollywood Studios, home of the Pixar characters! Dory just keeps swimming through these rounds and even one of 2014’s Championship Round contestants, Sulley, was unable to stop her! She will now face Inside Out’s newest team, The Emotions (Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger) who defeated the chef rat Remy. Vote below to decide who will represent Hollywood Studios in the Final Four!


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