Disney March Madness 2016 – Round 2



Wow, it’s been an awesome week of March Madness Round 1 with many characters moving on to the second round while others remain behind in defeat. Either way, they are all awesome characters and each and every one could deserve the victory, but it’s up to you which one will actually get it.

In Magic Kingdom we had the classic characters facing each other head on to see who will be the classic representative for the Final Four! Cinderella looks like she is late once again and Pooh Bear bumbled before her into Round 2. We all knew that Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, and Goofy would move on, but I don’t think anyone could have expected Robin Hood to defeat the classic singing bear, Baloo! He will have to face Peter Pan who narrowly flew past Tigger, one of last year’s Finals characters! Finally, Bambi and Mowgli used their adorable charm and both moved into the next round to face each other! Now the Round 1 victors will have to face each other in Round 2!






Meanwhile in Animal Kingdom, the Disney Renaissance characters (who are said to be some of Disney’s best) faced each other in heated competition. Belle, though she probably saw the good in him, defeated Tarzan to move into the next round. The hilarious sidekicks that we all love also moved on: Timon & Pumbaa, Mushu, and Sebastian! Simba is surely the king of his round and beat the ever popular little mermaid Ariel while The Beast surged ahead of Hercules to take the lead. Finally, Mulan and Megara used their girl power to defeat Disney Princesses Jasmine and Pocahontas and will be the final contestants in Round 2. It’s going to be quite the round!






EPCOT was an interesting kingdom and I don’t think anyone could have seen some of these coming. Filled with ever popular Disney Revival characters, there was someone that everyone loved here. The two mega popular Frozen icons, Anna and Olaf, were defeated by Flynn Rider and Rapunzel respectively, the Tangled stars moving into the next round. Meanwhile Wreck-it Ralph really wrecked Tiana who put on a brave fight but lost in the end while between the Zootopia newcomers, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, the optimistic bunny cop pulled into the lead. The final four Round 2 contestants, Baymax, Hiro Hamada, Bolt, and Kuzco, won by a landslide and are well deserving of their places in the next round.






Lastly we have Hollywood Studios, home of the Pixar characters! Dory, the forgetful fish who is getting her own movie this summer, defeated the popular Scottish princess Merida. Buzz and Woody, our favorite Toy Story duo, were defeated respectively by The Incredibles and Sulley. So long partners. Meanwhile Mike Wazowski defeated the red racer, Lightning McQueen, and will face his longtime friend, Sulley, in Round 2. Inside Out was a great success last year and it seems the team of Emotions – Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear – will be facing the popular romantic robot WALL•E. Finally, Boo and Remy will face each other, leaving their previous competition (Nemo and Arlo & Spot) in the dust. Round 2 will be quite interesting to see what happens next!





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