March Madness 2016 Theme


Happy Leap Year Day! March is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to get down to business for March Madness. In previous years there has always been an overlying theme for March Madness, and this year is no difference. If you recall, the themes have been:

March Madness 2014 – The Beast’s Castle

March Madness 2015 – The Disney Castle

Villaintober Mayhem 2015 – Reverse Colors Disney Castle

Joining these, this year the competition will be based off of the newly releasing Disney movie “Zootopia” as it is being released on March 4th! In the background is the city of Zootopia, and Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps will also be contestants in this year’s March Madness along with many others. Here are the first sixteen characters to be revealed:

Mowgli (The Jungle Book), Sebastian (The Little Mermaid), Judy Hopps (Zootopia), Boo (Monsters, Inc.), Goofy (The Goofy Movie), Timon & Pumbaa (The Lion King), Bolt (Bolt), Nemo (Finding Nemo), Wilbur Robinson (Meet the Robinsons), Arlo & Spot (The Good Dinosaur), Bambi (Bambi), Jane Porter (Tarzan), Nick Wilde (Zootopia), Dug (UP), Robin Hood (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood), Hercules (Hercules).


First 16 March Madness Contestants


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Which 2016 Disney films are you most excited to see?


2016 is a big year for Disney movies with a whopping 13 movies being released into theaters this year! Below, vote for which you’re most excited to see so that we can see what the consensus seems to be. Vote for the three movies you are most excited to see this year!


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