Villaintober Mayhem – 2015 CHAMPION


Final Bracket for Villaintober Mayhem 2015

This October was a unique Disney elimination game where 64 contestants battled each other out in a bracket in hopes of becoming the number one champion for Villaintober Mayhem! So many great villains fell so that this day could be decided, but yesterday you all finally cast your votes upon who you think should be the winner this year, and I’m pleased to say that he is…


So much sass and sarcasm, yet manipulation and pure evil bound into one character. Or maybe most of us are still not over the murder of his brother. Either way, it seems the majority loves this character as he was ‘Top Winner’ in many of the rounds and carried the majority of the votes in most of his polls. All together, I think he deserved this victory and will fit very well with the March Madness victors Queen Elsa and Stitch.

I hope you all enjoyed this year’s Villaintober Mayhem! If you enjoyed this elimination game, I’m hoping to keep up the site a little more now with different polls, reviews, and such. If you want to see more of that and you haven’t already, join the mailing list to hear about future updates to Invasion of Disney and more news on Villaintober Mayhem and Disney March Madness! Thank you all for your support this month and I hope to see you all return again for the next Disney elimination game!

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