The (15) seeds join the roster!


6 days to go with only four more characters to be revealed! It’s really coming fast! Today I have three much loved Pixar villains and one from one of Disney’s newest animated movies (no, it’s not Frozen… you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that). I think these will be some troublesome battles, but maybe it will be easy for you to choose in Round 1. I dunno. Look below and decide for yourself.

(2) Captain Hook vs. (15) Lotso

(2) The Evil Queen vs. (15) King Candy

(2) Cruella de Vil vs. (15) Stinky Pete

(2) Scar vs. (15) Randall Boggs



Hopefully you are already beginning to form your opinions of whom you would like to be victor in each of these pair-ups. Check back again to see which contestants will face which as they are revealed!

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