The (13) seeds join the roster!


Here we are again, this time with the (13) contestants! These last few will be dominated mainly by Pixar Villains and the more modern Disney Villains, so that will make many of the decisions even harder than you thought they could be. With these revealed, there are 12 characters to still be unveiled and 52 characters revealed in all. I think that’s quite cool!

(4) Shere Khan vs. (13) Pete

(4) Judge Frollo vs. (13) Charles Muntz

(4) Yzma vs. (13) Henry J. Waternoose

(4) Doctor Facilier vs. (13) Governor Ratcliffe



Hopefully you are already beginning to form your opinions of whom you would like to be victor in each of these pair-ups. Check back again to see which contestants will face which as they are revealed!

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