The (12) seeds join the roster!


9 days until voting opens for Villaintober Mayhem!

I’m almoooost there! Here we have the (12) contestants join the roster! You should watch all of these movies sometime because they are some pretty cool but underrated characters. Even if not, read the descriptions below. Also, to view all of the characters together, click here.

(5) The Backson vs. (12) Doris

(5) Shan Yu vs. (12) Queen Narissa

(5) Captain Gantu vs. (12) Madam Mim

(5) Professor Ratigan vs. (12) Prince John



Hopefully you are already beginning to form your opinions of whom you would like to be victor in each of these pair-ups. Check back again to see which contestants will face which as they are revealed!

Wanna be notified with results?  Fill in the information below:


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