The (9) seeds join the roster!


Before now, half of the contestants have been revealed and, as of yet, it is unknown who will be facing who. But that is about to change in the upcoming days. The (9) seeds are here and will be facing the (8) seeds on the bracket. This means that in Round 1, only one of the (8) or (9) contestants will continue on in each category. That means that the below characters will face off in Round 1, hoping for your votes so that they can continue into Round 2.

(8) Sheriff of Nottingham vs. (9) Horned King

(8) Si and Am vs. (9) The Stabbington Brothers

(8) Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed vs. (9) Stromboli

(8) Iago vs. (9) Madame Medusa



Hopefully you are already beginning to form your opinions of whom you would like to be victor in each of these pair-ups. Check back again to see which contestants will face which as they are revealed!

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