Future Contestant Suggestions


Possible Future Contestants

The Disney March Madness has only went on for two year, but so far numerous characters have participated. But there also many who have never been in the game. Sometimes it is good to hear what other people think, so if you think some of the characters in the image above (or others that are not portrayed but you wish to see) should participate, vote in the poll below or head down to the comments section below and leave a comment saying your suggestion. Also, do not worry that your character suggestion might be too silly or obscure as the more suggestions I get the better. There are no bad suggestions.

Basically, if there is a character you have been disappointed in not seeing so far please suggest in the comments section. Otherwise vote in this poll and see which of these characters should possibly be contestants in the 2016 Disney March Madness.

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2015 Disney Champion


Finished bracket for Disney March Madness 2015

The Championship round came very close, becoming one of the closest in the game as of yet, but in the end there is always a victor and this one was decided with 3 more votes in his favor. Now, before I give the announcement I want to thank you all for your support and participation in this year’s March Madness and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Many great characters have been being struck out since Round 1, so it was hard to see some of them go, but I hope everybody had an enjoyable month of madness with these Disney characters.

Again I will say it: if you haven’t signed up for the mailing list please do so now as it will be keep you in the loop with future announcements pertaining to this site. The signup is below and really quick and easy, so don’t hesitate to do so. Also, those who do register will get a chance to share some ideas for characters who should be in it next year, so I encourage you to register.

Now, without further ado, the winner of this year’s March Madness is…

Hollywood Studios



Stitch, the lovable alien also known as Experiment 626, has been gaining popularity since the debut of his feature film Lilo & Stitch back in 2002 and become one of Disney’s most recognizable characters. With his adorable charm yet fearsome powers, he is definitely deserving of the title of Disney March Madness 2015 Champion! He will join Elsa along with many other victors for years to come. Let’s hear a round of applause for this year’s victor!

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Bracket for Round 6

I hope you have all had as much fun as I did during this magical month of March. I have some upcoming renovations and plans scheduled for this site, so please join the mailing list for continued emails on future elimination games.


A showdown of epic proportions happened this past week with Magic Kingdom’s Flynn Rider and Animal Kingdom’s Tigger facing off in a battle to who would make it into the Championships. In the end, though, the bouncy tiger will move on, leaving Flynn Rider far behind in the dust.


Likewise, Flynn’s counterpart and EPCOT’s victor, Rapunzel, was defeated by Hollywood Studios’ Stitch who will face Tigger in the final battle for victor in the Championships. This is the last and final round, so choose wisely because whoever wins this next round will become victor.



Poll will close at 12:00 PM EST on April 10th, 2015.

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Final Four (Round 5)


Bracket for Round 5


Over the last four days the voting has been tough with some very close calls as the Elite Eight were narrowed down into Round 5, or what is often called the Final Four. This is a big moment, so I think it’d be a good time to stop and just think about what these characters have went through so far. Four rounds have come and go to decide who would stand in their places and I think from the general consensus that this has been a great experience for all. If you are one of those, consider sharing this with others and joining the mailing list if you haven’t already because I have some surprises I’m hoping I’ll be able to spring upon you after March Madness is over. Enjoy the Final Four and choose wisely because this round decides who makes it into the final Championship round.



The representative for the Magic Kingdom has been decided by the many voters who populate these polls at this time of year. In the end, though, Flynn Rider was able to evade Belle and become the final character standing in the Magic Kingdom bracket.



Similarly, Tigger was able to defeat Winnie the Pooh, though the battle was long and hard with several close calls. This means he shall face the outlaw Flynn Rider to decide who will make it into the Championship round to become the winner of March Madness 2015.



Though the battle was long and hard with the winner just barely winning, but in the last few minutes end the winner was decided for the EPCOT bracket. Her name is Rapunzel, the lost princess with a dream. Both characters deserved this victory and we honestly cannot believe that she beat Mary Poppins in the last few seconds.



Finally, facing Rapunzel, we have the friendly alien Stitch who was finally able to creep up on Mulan in the very end. It was a long and hard battle, but we think the alien deserves the honor that is bestowed upon him by reaching the Final Four.








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