Round 4 (Semi-Finals)


Bracket for the Semi-Finals


The Semi-Finals are here! This means that you will be choosing the characters that move into the Final Four and represent their respective factions. You might not realize it, but this is one of the most important rounds in the game as it can both pave and destroy the path of your favorite character to victory. So, be careful as you make your choices!


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In the Magic Kingdom faction two of Disney’s most popular princesses, Belle and Anna, faced off against each other, but the most beautiful girl in town won the match. As well, Flynn Rider narrowly passed into the Semi-finals while Genie must remain behind in that tiny lamp of his.



Warning: hard decision upcoming. In the Animal Kingdom faction, Tigger dispatched his opponent, the happy snowman Olaf, and Winnie the Pooh barely did the same to the sassy dragon Mushu. Thus the two friends must face each other and only your votes can decide the winner.



The EPCOT faction throws two popular Disney heroines at each other in the Semi-finals. Rapunzel left WALL•E tangled back in the previous round while Mary Poppins defeated Peter Pan as fast as you can say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’



Finally, in the Hollywood Studios faction Mulan crept up on Aladdin and finally surpassed her at the last second. Stitch led his match for the entire round, but Piglet remain close on his heels till the end, finally being the first of the Winnie the Pooh characters to be defeated.


Some difficult choices here, but I know you can do it. This round will decide who will move into the Finals… and represent their faction during the final four.










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