Round 3


Bracket for Round 3

Round 3 is here and voting is once again open! Many great characters have already been eliminated, leaving only a few, but it’s not over yet. This round is very pivotal to who makes it to the finals, so please share with as many others as possible.

(As usual, here is a link to the characters in the bracket. Also, I’m trying to limit my advertising somewhat, so please consider signing up for the mailing list. You will only get updates on the new rounds, so it is worth it!)

Now, without further ado…



In the Magic Kingdom faction there were some hard battles, but in the end it all had to come to an end. Mickey Mouse tried his hardest to move on, but Anna swung a hard one at him and moved onto the next round. Robin Hood tried to escape and sneak into Round 3, but Belle was not so easily tricked and will be facing Anna in the next round.

Meanwhile, the ‘hakuna-matata’-ers, Timon & Pumbaa, could not handle the immense power of Genie and he sent them packing on a one way trip back to the Pride Lands. Meanwhile, Flynn Rider (who looks nothing like the posters portray, by the way) totally annihilated the little mermaid, Ariel, and is the final contestant from this faction in Round 3. It seems like there will be some more excellent face-offs in this round, so be ready.


Olaf easily beat Minnie Mouse by a landslide in the Animal Kingdom faction. The Beast and Tigger had a prolonged battle, but in the end the bouncy stuffed animal moved into the next round.

Likewise, Mushu and Baymax were a close call but in the end the fiery, sassy dragon is the one to proceed to Round 3. It seems like somebody doesn’t like lollipops. Winnie the Pooh, like his more crazed counterpart, will carry on to Round 3, leaving Tadashi to burn back in the last round. (Oh, wait, is it still too soon?)


EPCOT had some excellent opponents facing each other with some very interesting results. Rapunzel defeated the classic duo Woody & Buzz, but Tarzan was not so lucky against the maintenance service robot WALL•E who will proceed to Round 3.

Captain Jack Sparrow and Peter Pan were a long battle, but in the end the everlasting boy will fly on. Meanwhile, a surprising twist in the last poll occurred when Mary Poppins defeated Merida, who had been leading the poll, overnight and left her far in the dust. How it was done is a mystery, but the singing nanny will face another day.


In the last faction, Hollywood Studios, Aladdin must have had some luck on his side because he easily defeated Donald Duck. In a similar fashion, Mulan surprised us all by defeating Frozen’s Kristoff and moving on to the next round.

One would almost think it was midnight, because Cinderella left the round rather quick against Piglet. Stitch and Tinker Bell faced off for a mostly tied up battle, but in the end the indestructible alien must move on.



















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