Round 2


Bracket for Round 2


Round 1 has come to a close and the final decision for who should be eliminated and who should move on has been determined. Now it is time to begin once again to determine who should move into Round 3 and who should be left behind. As before, there are pictures here if you still don’t know who some of the characters are or just want to jog your memory. One vote per day only and any others will not be counted. Also, if you’d like to be part of the action please comment on the characters you’re hoping for in the comments section below. Trust me, it makes the experience much more exciting. As well, please try and spread to as many as others as this couldn’t happen without the continual support of those who are as excited by Disney as I am.

Last note, at the bottom of the page (beneath all the polls and such) you will notice two text boxes for you to enter your information in. Once you do this you will be notified whenever the rounds are ending and the new rounds begin. This will help you become more informed and give you a quicker chance to become part of the rounds.



Some excellent competition ensued in this faction with characters such as Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, Simba, and Genie. But, with the help of all the voters, some hard decisions had to be made and characters eliminated.

First, the Disney mascot Mickey Mouse took away any chance of Jasmine’s whole new world by defeating her. Following in her sister’s footsteps, Anna moves on to Round 2 after a close call with Jiminy Cricket. Meanwhile, Robin Hood breezed past Bagheera to victory. The beauty Belle faced the king of the Jungle, Simba, but rushed past to the next round. In the next match-up, James P. Sullivan was unable to frighten Timon & Pumbaa away from Round 2 and they sped their way past, while Genie easily defeated the wooden boy Pinocchio with a snap of his fingers. Ariel swam circles around Dumbo, leaving him in the dust and proceeding to be part of the world of the next round. Finally, Flynn Rider snuck right beneath the nose of Nemo, stealing the victory from him on his way.

Round 2 continues with even harder decisions and tough victories. Who will move on to Round 3 and who will be left behind?



Probably some of the closest calls came in this faction. With classic characters such as Minnie Mouse, The Beast, Tigger, Mushu, Winnie the Pooh, and Lady & Tramp, adjoined with newcomers to the Disney world like Olaf, Baymax, and Tadashi, many of the matches were tied throughout the time.

Beginning with Minnie Mouse, she outmatched Ursula with her simple charm and cheerful composure. Olaf’s summer is seeming more possible after having defeated the super strength god Hercules. One of last year’s top four, The Beast, easily defeated Vanellope von Schweetz, while Tigger bounced right past Mike Wazowski to Round 2. The only way to protect Mulan was to move to Round 2, and that is exactly what he did against Princess Aurora. Big Hero 6’s Baymax almost didn’t make it to Round 2, but Kuzco was cursed with a slow gain of votes until the very end. Winnie the Pooh had the power of many supporters to bring him to Round 2, while The Incredibles were not so lucky even if the match was dangerously close. Lastly, it seems there’s no burn for Tadashi this time as he scooted past Lady & Tramp at the very last second.

Some excellent, or dare I say incredible, matches ensued in this category, but there must be a winner so many great characters were left behind as half move on. Here’s to hoping for more luck in the next round for your favorite characters.



This faction had some great characters including classics (such as Goofy, Bambi, Tarzan, Peter Pan, and Snow White), Disney newcomers (including Rapunzel, Hiro Hamada, Wreck-it Ralph, and Tiana), and Pixar favorites (like Woody & Buzz, WALL•E, Marlin & Dory, and Merida). Many of these rounds juggled back and forth between who would win, being only decided at the last second, while other characters had landslide victories.
It seems that Rapunzel’s life began with a surprising win against the popular Goofy. For awhile Hiro Hamada held the victory, but at the last second the toys Woody & Buzz used teamwork to sneak past. WALL•E is very resilient, as shown by his defeat of heavyweight Wreck-it Ralph. Somewhere in the forest Tarzan was able to beat his way past Bambi, though the race to the lead was very close throughout the round. Captain Jack Sparrow had no problem beating Tiana, probably due to his large fanbase. Disney’s first princess Snow White tried her hardest, but Peter Pan still flew into the next round without breaking a sweat. Marlin & Dory were a little more successful than her, but Mary Poppins did not allow them to get the best of her. Lastly, the chief’s daughters Merida and Pocahontas battled it out with a very close call, but the Scottish princess won her way into Round 2 in the end.
Which of these will you show your support for next? It seems some very tough battles will ensue in Round 3, but who will make it there to see them?



This faction had the most variety of the four. Not only did it have classics (such as Donald Duck, Tod & Copper, Aladdin, Piglet, and Baloo), newcomers (like Kristoff), and Pixar favorites (Dug), but it also had a large array of villains and princesses including Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Hades, Cinderella, and Mulan. The competition was fierce, but the winners were decided over the past few days by the participants.

For starters, Donald Duck defeated Tod & Copper with his attitude still intact. Aladdin didn’t even need to use one of his wishes on Maleficent, though the fight started out a little ugly with a very close call. The newcomer to March Madness, Kristoff, defeated Cruella de Vil without much trouble. Hades as well lost to Mulan who fooled him to gain the victory. What’s this? Jack Skellington got trampled beneath the glass slippers of Cinderella who beat him by a landslide. Baloo and Piglet were much closer during their fight, but the pig won even if it shook him up a bit. Stitch and Dug came closest to each other during their fight, but in the end Experiment 626 took the triumph for himself. It seems a lot of voters believe in fairies, because Tinker Bell defeated Alice Liddell right from the beginning without even having to use pixie dust.

Some difficult votes are ahead. Are you ready for some hard choices? I hope you are, because this is nothing to how Round 3 will be.


























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