Round 5 – The Finals



The champions from the four factions have been decided. The Finals, leading into the Championship, come next. These characters are some of the favorites in the Disney fandom, and there are even more to be explored.


From MAGIC KINGDOM we have Mary Poppins who’s poppin’ her way to the top of the charts with the help of her umbrella and magical powers.


ANIMAL KINGDOM’s victor is not an animal, but Sully has bullied his way to the top of the charts, scaring all but the best of the best out of his way.


EPCOT’s champion is the best…. you knew it, The Beast! Maybe someday he will come out of his accursed form, but as for now it seems to be serving him well.


Last but not least, HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS has the Disney newcomer…. get ready for it… you know who it is… drumroll please… Queen Elsa! But really, who Elsa could it be?



Now the top faction will be chosen. I am proud to present these four champions. May the victor emerge victorious, and may the odds be ever in your favor.






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