Round 4 – Semi Finals



The Semi Finals are here!!!  Vote for your favorite character to see who will make it as victor of each of the four factions: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Who will make it, and who will be left in the dust?


In Magic Kingdom the magic is certainly on Mickey’s side. Defeating his previous opponent, Rapunzel, with just a little ease, he will now have to face the fan favorite Mary Poppins, the flying nanny who almost had a taste of her own medicine against Belle. Which of the two will emerge as the victor of the Magic Kingdom faction?
Dug has stupided his way up the polls with his charm, loyalty, and funny voice, but he must now go head-to-head to fellow Pixar character, James P. Sullivan, aka Sully. The monster holds the scare record for scaring away the most Animal Kingdom characters, but will he have a chance to make it to the finals?
Vroom, vroom! Vanellope just made it out of Round 3 alive, but The Beast is not one to be so easily defeated. Which of the two famous characters will make it to the finals for a possibility of being this year’s victor?
Flynn Rider just stole past the scalawag pirate, Jack Sparrow, but the ever popular Queen Elsa is next on the list. He charmed the beautiful Rapunzel, but Elsa is cold and unfamiliar with his ways. Will he be able to make it past her shards of ice to take the crown, or will Elsa be the one to skate her way into the finals?










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