Round 2



In the Magic Kingdom bracket we saw some excellent match-ups between much loved characters such as Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse, Rapunzel, and Timon & Pumbaa, not to mention many others. Mickey Mouse easily handled the blue alien, Stitch, but will he outlast the Native American princess, Pocahontas?

Mary Poppins dished Todd & Copper a spoon full of sugar of a time, beating them without a fight. Rapunzel and Captain Hook also swept past their opponents without much of a sweat. Until the hour Round 1 closed, though, no one was sure whether Mr. Tumnus would be able to gain on Timon & Pumbaa who only just managed to make it past. Will these two ‘Hakuna Matata-ers” be able to use this same luck against Mary Poppins? It looks like we’ll need YOU to decide!

Animal Kingdom saw some great conflict as well. The team representative, Simba, got past Ariel without much trouble, but Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, and Robin Hood were not so lucky. The two Monsters Inc. heroes, Sully and Mike Wazowski, both have to defeat but one opponent and they shall face each other in the battle as to who is the ultimate scarer.

Meanwhile, two much loved Pixar characters, Woody and Dug, must face-off, the winner of this facing either Simba and Baloo. I could see this becoming a bit of a challenge for some voters as I know it will be for me.

Tinker Bell in the Epcot bracket had just enough pixie dust to get out of the way of Mr. Incredible’s fist, but will she be able to do it again with the much-loved Donald Duck? Vanellope von Schweetz had a hard battle with Mulan to move onto the next round, but at the last moment she pulled ahead. Will the Sugar Rush hero even have a chance against the space ranger from Infinity and Beyond?

Unfortunately, Vanellope’s best buddy, Stinker Face (wait, errrr, Wreck-it Ralph), was not as fortunate, falling to be trampled under the wheels of hotshot Lightning McQueen. Will the rookie have just enough speed to outrun the others to the #1 spot? Nemo and Jafar easily passed by their opponents, but when they face each other shall it be so easy? The Beast easily destroyed the captain of Flying Dutchman, but his next opponent is not so easily defeated. You must decide.

In the Hollywood Studios bracket we saw some disappointment among some fans when the team representative, Winnie the Pooh, fell to Disney newcomer, Olaf, the snowman who loves warm hugs. The snowman may have been able to defeat the team leader, but the professional thief (who looks nothing like all the posters portray, btw), Flynn Rider, is going to be a hard match for the warm loving snowman. Meanwhile, the trash compactor, WALL-E, must face the ever popular Captain Jack Sparrow in a battle to Round 3. Which will make it?

Maleficent was able to crush Bambi beneath her iron fist, but now she has to face the Monsters Inc. stowaway, Boo—something is telling me the child will be more than she bargained with. Elsa froze Merida in Round 1, but she may have to let it go to have a chance against the jungle man, Tarzan. Will he be able to swing around her ever-growing powers, or will the Queen of Arendelle be the one to move on?

(also, you can try to vote more than once but it won’t work until an hour goes by. Basically, every hour you may revote in every poll.)







12 thoughts on “Round 2

    • Since I didn’t watch Frozen, I chose Flynn, BUZZ VS VANELLOPE WAS A PAIN but I chose Vanellope. 😛 And Dug was pretty easy to chose. xD Now…Tinker Bell vs. Donald…Now THAT was a challenge. :/

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